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    Prospects or fulfilment

    It is a hectic week for my brains. I have been having problems with finding a job. Nope I still have a fine and good job but I have to admit that I am not extrovert enough for my job. I may not be aggressive enough for my job.

    That sort of ends my fate with a sales job and it is time for me to move on. However, I am still thinking that being in IT would still keep my market value and I would not like to be out of the IT industry thus when I was offered a job to work in a management school, I could not make a decision immediately as I found out that it may not be what I want in the end. Though the job is what I love to do but it became clear for me to choose between prospects and fulfilment.

    Honey, I think I am in trouble....

    What would you do??

    Brief history of me:
    I love to do customer service... I am ready to learn things on networks and telecommunication as I have a degree of electrical engineering. But I would not want to give up bodybuilding as well...


    Any comments or suggestions? Shall I just follow my heart and do something I like or shall I use my brain as well and take my time in looking for a better job?

    Anyone?especially those who have worked for sometime... Thanks

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    At the end of the day your job is the most important thing in your life if you think about how much time you spend working compared to other aspects of your life it dominates it, so do something you enjoy even if means a cut in pay id rather be happy in something that i do instead of waking up every morning thinking i dont want to go to work, but thats just my opinion for whats its worth

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