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    Bond.....James Bond

    JJ and I just returned from seeing the new James Bond movie and we could not believe what we heard in the movie. One of the main characters was a fencing expert and placed 2nd in the Sydney Olympics. Well, shortly after that the guy who placed first suddenly "OD'ed on steroids ". Can you fucking believe that! I guarantee everyone else in the movie thought nothing of it. This is a perfect example of how people come to believe that steroids are so bad. Its fucking media hype.

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    that will have the politicions after them for awhile

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    Haha, people don't know anything, so they think "eh, let's just say he overdosed on this," without any rhyme or reason. The most appalled I've ever been in a film is that one with Uma Thurman and Ralph Finnes, it was a remake, and there was a weather machine that magically changed the weather. One of the characters in the movie asked another, "how does it work?" and the other person said, "oh, you know, protons, ions..." AS IF THAT WERE SOME SORT OF LOGICAL ANSWER! And it cracks me up to see people just swallow that worthless comment! My friend and I actually started busting out in laughter, and everyone was wondering what our problem was.

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