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    any good reading?


    I'm looking for some good books to read about how the body works and what causes muscles to build. Pretty much the effects of trainning and infomation on effects of supplements on the body. I know there are tones of books out there and i hate books stores, so if anyone has read anything that they think is worth reading just let me know. I don't know much about bodybuilding but i know a bit about the human body from school. So hopefully you guys have some books that will be able to teach me some things.
    I'm open to anything you guys have to say.
    thanks alot

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    If you want to learn about "what causes muscle to buld" I would suggest these two:

    Bompa's Serious Strength Training
    Hatfield's Hardcore Bodybuilding - A Scientific Approach
    Poliquin's The Poliquin Principles

    All will give you a very advanced understanding of muscle mechanics and relatively easy to follow. None are trying to sell you squat - just the hardcore facts.

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