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    Question What To Buy???what To Buy???

    I just found out that my brother works with someone who is a Veterinarian. He talked to the guy and convinced him to get some gear for us. The guy said he'd be able to get pretty much anything i needed but would only do it ONCE as a favor because he doesnt want to get busted as a distributor. I need advice on what to buy for my brother and i. The guy wants a list of stuff i am considering. He is going to get back to us this week with what he has available and the prices its going to cost. I am 5'10" and 183lbs. I am pretty lean, but soft in certain areas. I would like to add mass but not look completely soft. i want to look my best for July. My brother's stats are pretty similar. Some suggestions about Vet products (name/company) that we should take would be helpful. Also, what could we stack with what to give the best results? I am not rich, so price does matter. Please help us out. I've been ripped off 4 times in the past couple years. I am really excited that i will be getting something legit for once. thanks

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    bro, i dont mean to sound like a jackass but noone on this board is just going to fabricate a cycle for you. They want to see that you know what your doing so you will be safe, and the best way to do that is by reading up on the educational forums and mainpage drug profiles,

    there are a few classic stacks that a lot of people swing toward. Start by looking up a DBOL DECA /EQ TEST stack. THis is a classic mass building stack. What you must remember through all of this is that your DIET is the most important thing, THen your workout routine, and finally the AAS. Good luck with your research,,,keep us posted


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