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    in accordance to act 5719-a of the avatar conjunct treaty

    I am formally requesting to authorities to approve of my new choice of avatar

    Guys.......Im three sheets to the wind so ill finish this tom..

    sipppin on coke and rum.....actually its the captain's parrot bay wit oj and banana juice

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    Very nice...both the avatar and the recognizance of the "law"...though, for your records, it's rule 5967-a. If you were complying to 5719-a, you'd actually be giving up your right to ever post a hyper link again...or, so i recall (it might be you're forfeiting your right to fornicate with women in a weight's been a while since I've brushed up on the voluminous AR constitution).

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    ah bg.. you always make me laugh. and by the way i heard big n started up his own set of overriding rules to counteract yours, id look into that .. ha

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