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    Lightbulb how funny life can be...

    Sup my AR brothas! Good to be back on the board again -albeit on a limited basis- Ive missed the board and all you bros here. In the last month or so my life has completely changed directions. For the better no less. In fact, things are so good now that it makes my old life seem like shit...even though it was anything but. I was chillin on my balcony watching a lightning storm the other night thinking about my life, future, past etc. and all that crap -naturally blazed higher than kite in a hurricane- when it struck me all at once. a revelation if you let me rephrase, a moment of clarity -as alcoholics say- and at the time it appeared to me that the changes in my life had all occured at once. That in the blink of an eye my life was better. After some serious contemplation i came to the conclusion that it was not in fact spontaneous but rather had been occuring all this time. My mind had simply failed to see that side of it. It is rather difficult to explain and Im afraid that not all of you will fully understand my point here. NOthing changed in that blink of an eye except my way of thinking. And maybe thats, that IS enough. Shakespeare -whom i am very fond of and have read at outrageous length- once wrote that "nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so." And how true that is. I realized that my life had been steadily changing and it was only MY views of my life that changed in that flash of an eye. It was a genuine acid revelation without the acid...and it nearly broke my mind. It is not everyday that your life completely changes...the way you see the world, the way you see yourself... the last time it happend genuinely was after a horrific acid trip which despite a common misconception really did open my eyes. This goes deeper than i ever imagined. my sould feels free, tranquility surrounds me. I am engulfed in happiness...hooray for life and me!! YAY

    peace bros


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    wow man. glad to see that and glad to see you back around. that sounds great.

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    I had the same revalation once. Only mine was 3 years ago after I graduated with my BS. I was not sure what the next step was. Only after a lot of soul searching ( in solotude) did I find it. And it was there all along in me.........everything came to a standstill and the clarity was crystal clear.
    Sometimes it just takes us time to find what we are truely made of.........


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    Good to see ya back sym!

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    welcome back bro...glad to hear you seen the light (hehe, or lightning for that matter). Isn't it amazing how a good bake session can change your way of looking at things. This happened to me the other day. My girl and I ate hash brownies and watched Old School. Even though I was watching the movie laughing my face off my mind kept drifting off on its own. I kept picturing myself 10-15 yrs down the road (with my girl by my side). The odd part is I just started dating this girl and I'm already thinking long term. It was scary. But of course I didn't say anything to her about it. I guess I was a little freaked out.


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