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    Respect in the gym

    I am into my second week of prop 75mg ed and starting to get some noticable gains. My arms are over 18 pumped wich doesn't take much to get them there. My shoulders which have always been my best body part are getting huge. I am noticing that people in the gym are treating me a bit differently. Now, I'm a pretty decent guy and will always say hello to people versus the guys who sneer at you. But, I am noticing more people are aproaching me now, asking questions or just generally more friendly and interactive. Yesterday I went over to the double pully and took off the rope and put on a handle. I did a set and a guy came over and was going to put the rope on the other pully. He had been using it and instead of telling me, he went and let me do my set and went over to the other side as if I had priority. I apologized for taking his equipment and insisted that I would switch sides as he had been there first. I don't know if people feel intimidated or just see that I have some size and shape and respect that. Anyone have any thoughts on this or similar experiences?

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    I think they may have always thought of you as a nice guy, but you are just now more aware of these things. Before you started AS you probably never paid much attention and now that you're on you've been looking more closely to see how people react. I just figure they've been like this all along and you are just now aware of it. It is nice to be one of the more respected bros in the gym though.

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    Re: Respect in the gym

    Originally posted by markas214
    I apologized for taking his equipment and insisted that I would switch sides as he had been there first.
    Very classy move bro!

    See, this is how a good majority of AAS act, but you only ever hear about the pin heads who are usually too immature and ignorant to be using in the first place.

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    You should of taken the rope and beat his ass down with it...and then tell him to never step in your way again...

    Seriosulty, BT had it right, they always respected you but now that you are getting yoked you are starting to notice new things...good job bro ....keep the good work up and keep be a class act that you are in and out of the gym dude...take care!

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    Exactly.....Plus at my age..I get all kinds of looks and respect at the gym ...Like WTF is this guy!

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    Now I am pretty small (currently 6'2 and 175 at ~10%). but the most looks and respect Ive ever got I was at 200+ and was the only person in the gym doing power cleans and jump squats. The huge monsters would treat me like thier own (we had a guy who competed in bench). I think the size helps, but the 'tude is important. if you are polite, good gym etiquitte, obviously do proper form and do crazy crap like power cleans... you get repect!

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