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    is bob paris sick?

    i was looking at a fitness mag yesterday,i think its put out by muscular development,there was a pec training article by bob paris with pics.the guy looks like a skeleton!he has non of the symmetrical mass he was famous for,his face is certainly would put lie to the mainstream idiocy that" muscle turns to fat when you stop lifting"usually quoted to me by some fat bastard struggling to hoist his beer to his lips and not ash on him self at the same time!i guess priorities change but i cant imagine sacrificing such an amazing physique like he had,at least not voluntarily,just my 2cents worth.

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    He wrote a biography ("Gorilla Suit") a few years ago, and in it he sounded somewhat conflicted with AS use. Said if there was anything he could change in bodybuilding, it would be the drugs. Maybe he's just gone all natural.
    From the looks of it seems that nowadays he's a motivational speaker.

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    He's natural now---- looks sick go back on the roids

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubblehead
    He's natural now---- looks sick go back on the roids
    DUDE!! Quit bumping threads that were started years ago, look at the date, it says 2003, and the other one was 2002. This sh*t is anchient history.

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