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    Uhh I hate being sick

    I dunno about you guys but when I am sick I feel like such a loser. I have No energy and no motivation but I will still work tonight anyway. Not really cause I want to but more cause I already said I would. Right now I've got this nasty ass flu going on.....boy do I wish I woulda got the vaccine. But I figured flu shots are for old people...haha silly me! That and I've been drinking water byt the gallon and sleeping all day and I still feel dehydrated....what's up with that? I haven't been able to hold down much food at all for several days, even my favourite protien bars are starting to taste like ****. Oh well a few shots of Red Bull and all will be well. Anyhoo.....I'm delerious and rambling now....

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    You'll b e allright bro!! Being sick sucs...I never wanna eat, or do anything. Get well soon.

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    I just got over the flu. It does suck. Just try and keep some food down, take a multi-vitamin, and keep drinking water.

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    For some reason when I'm sick water doesn't seem to make me fill hydrated.......try something with electrolites in it.......and maybe some chicken noodle soup.....hope ya get to feelin better.

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    down a gang of OJ and sip on some hot soup

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    dont feel so bad 101 degree fever 2 days counting Not to mention the hacking caugh that makes me feel like my kindeys are gonna shoot out I hate being sick i do like the way i sleep on double doses of nyquil tho. Couldnt have happened at a better time either 2 weeks left in my cycle

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