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Thread: Stats?

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    I was just wondering if anyone takes measurements to track progress. I always see people posting their size and weight and sometimes bf% but who actually knows if your bicepts or quads are growing. I have taken measurements in the past but I never wrote anything down so all I know is that I have gained a few pounds and I look more muscular and my clothes fit tighter. So last night, a couple hours after working out, I took some measurements and I'd also like to know what everyone thinks. I've posted my picture on here before but I'm not going to post it again because it isn't very accurate.
    Well here it is:
    6'-3", 230 lbs
    I don't know my bf% and I've never been calipered.(hopefully soon)
    bicepts- 18"
    chest- 49"
    waist- 33"
    quads- 25"
    calves- 17"

    I'm working heavily on quads to get some size but I also want to put a little more on the arms. My bi's and tri's look great and big but I would love to say I have 20" arms naturally. I am planning a natural show late summer or early fall. I may have a cycle in my future but I want to see what I can do naturally first. Let me know what you think of these stats and any other comparable stats would be great.

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    I take measurements but not too often!

    Weight approx 193 lbs
    Body fat approx 9-10%
    Height 5-10"

    Neck 16 1/2"
    Arms 15 1/2" (small I know they never grow)
    Chest 47 1/2"
    Waist 31-32"
    Thighs 26"
    Calfs 16"

    All taken after xmas

    Trying to get the arms up at least an inch by the end of the year chest at 49" and waist down to 30" Also like another inch or so on thighs and calfs.We,ll see !!

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    nice sig bro!

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    bi 19
    chest 50
    quads 27
    calfs 18
    waist 32
    bf 14%
    5.9 tall

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    I try to go my mirror but i did measure before i started my diet:
    All measurements were taken cold but flexed.

    age 32
    Weight 240
    Height 5'9"
    Waist 34" (went done to 29" last diet)
    Legs: 27"(just a tad under on right leg)
    Arms 18.75 left 18.25 right
    Chest: 55"
    Calves 19"
    Neck is 18.5"
    body fat 15% w/ calipers

    Think that is all i mesured.

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    Guess i,m the small guy

    BA is the sig thing about mine if so thanks I got there in the end thnx to Jason

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