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    Use lots of electricity, get busted for drugs

    Saw this . . . too much craziness for me . . .
    Again, it wasn't the liberals who pumped this idiotic War On Drugs . . . and the conservatives ain't gonna change it, either.

    It was too many appliances, not pot, that police found at Carlsbad home

    Associated Press

    CARLSBAD, Calif. - When police noticed Dina Dagy's family was spending $250 to $300 a month on electricity, they suspected a marijuana farm was flourishing under high-intensity lights inside their suburban home.

    What they found when they showed up with a drug-sniffing dog and a search warrant was a wife and mother who does several loads of laundry a day, keeps a dishwashing machine going, has three electricity-guzzling computers and three kids who can't remember to turn the lights out when they leave a room.

    "It's hard to believe a high utility bill would be enough to issue a state warrant," said Dagy, who is demanding the Police Department issue a written apology.

    Authorities say they have already apologized verbally several times and were only following proper procedures. Tracking down marijuana growers by reviewing electricity bills, they say, is a common practice.

    "I understand they feel something isn't appropriate here, but it is very much consistent with how search warrants are prepared," said police Lt. Bill Rowland.

    When authorities noticed how high the bill for the Dagy home was, they sent a police dog to the neighborhood, and it reacted as though it had smelled drugs.

    They also noticed the family had put its trash out that morning, something police say drug growers often do to hide the evidence. In the Dagys' case, however, it was trash day.

    When officers returned on March 19 with a search warrant, Dagy was volunteering at her son's second-grade class. She was heading back to her car when police arrived at the school, and she returned home and let them into the house.

    They found nothing illegal, and she says she feels fortunate she wasn't in her son's classroom when they arrived.

    "I would have been so embarrassed," she said, "and my son would have died: `They're taking your mommy away!'"

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    Thank God the conservatives are on the ball, we wouldn't want anyone to do anything evil like shoot steroids or take out the trash.

    Thank you Gee Dubya for making my world a safer place.

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    my old roomate had a pot set up in our apartment...I thought I was going to jail for sure....but luckily no one ever caught on..he only grew about 20 plants at a time.

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    People routinley get busted in BC via this method but here stealing electricity from the power company (re-reouting the power supply so it doesn't run up the meter) is a waayyyy bigger crime than growing bud. Most mom and pop operations that get busted get a fine of a few thousand dollars.

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    LOL, BC bud is big business! Most people use generators.

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    ****, I have a few reptiles that all have heat lamps and heating pads on their cages...I guess I'm next on the electricities most wanted list...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tock
    They also noticed the family had put its trash out that morning, something police say drug growers often do to hide the evidence. In the Dagys' case, however, it was trash day.


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    dragnet anyone

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    that's so funny. I'm gonna remember that the next time the kids leave the lights on.

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