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    its 5150 time-van halen train is rolling again..

    .if any fans are still left you'll be glad to know that the van halen camp is busy. 2 new songs for the best of part II plus a summer a luv story huh...#1 the original van halen starts in 77--85 they kick ass ..i wasnt a fan until 'jump' came out..alls i remember in high school was vh all over desk-jeans and the time i really learned about them sammy was in and then i became more of a from 86-95 sammy was the quarterback for the 1st show..monsters of rock. scorps, dokken metallica, kingdomcome with van halen headliner....sammy quit/was kicked out in 95..1 yr later the the music world was shocked to see diamond david lee roth with the brothers halen at mtv awards in 96..thats lasted till the end of mtv sharone tries to lead the team in good ..the brothers say f-you david/sammy....sammy and david says f-you halen brothers and tour them selves!!!!micheals anthony joins sammy on his set during the sam/dave song for song tour in 2002..and now--sammy is back at the helm leading the troups...ill be there this summer to see the reunion..and i'm sure they'll be at this yrs mtv video awards...once again what a love triangle...
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    Yea i heard that a few days ago also, Sammy is back.. 1984 was their best year in my opinion (probally best album too) I'll be out of town much of the summer, but would defintley go see them live.. Imagine all the 40 year groupie chicks daughters, who will be at that show, HAHAHAHA!!!! Just as trashy as their mothers!!!!

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    long as they are without roth, they will be ok

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