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Thread: Clomid Mg?

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    Clomid Mg?

    I got some clomid a while back and it was a big pill. almost 1/2 in across and and about 1/8 thick. But in my new order from the same place they are alot smaller. 3/8 across 3/32 thick. and it has the letters CLO on it. I was just wondering if i got ripped on the mg of the tab. Bottle says 50mg 10 tabs. Same bottle as last time but 10 was all that would fit into the botttle , now with the smaller pills i got 30 in one and 20 in another. Does anyone have any ideas if they are not 50mg or not. I don't want to mess around with PCT.

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    Im not sure, and your right you dont want to mess around with PCT. My advice would be phone the company who makes it theres got to be a 1-800 # or info on the web on how to contact them.They will answer all your questions.
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    no 800 number to budapeszt. on the bottle. I tried looking up the pham. online nad i cant't read what ever they speak in budapeszt.

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    lol budapest, as in the capital of Hungary? they speak Hungarian i believe

    you ordered online from hungary?

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