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    Wink 1st cycle expectations/results

    I was a little depressed with my first cycle. I think I was expecting too much. I was some how thinking that I was going to put on 20lbs of muscle at least, maybe more like 30. I managed to put on ~12 lbs of muscle. I went from 195 to 216 then back to 195. I started out with ~18% bf, and now it is ~12%. Diet was good, could have been better.

    Anyway, I don't guess that 12 lbs of muscle and ~21 lbs of fat loss is to bad. I keep doing this a few times, and I will be there.

    Cycle (9 wks):
    dbol 30mg/d
    deca 300mg/w
    sus 600mg/w
    Insulin ~20ius/d

    DNP 2 cycles

    Finishing up with Anavar for 3 weeks, then starting clomid.
    Thanks Kizer for the help with this.
    Comments please...

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    Deca up to 400mg. You didnt lose 21 lbs of fat you lost about 11-12 but I get what you were saying.

    From GOD's mind to yours:
    1-4 d-bol 50mg ed
    1-10 deca 400mg
    1-2 test 6-800mg frontloading
    3-10 test 4-600mg
    11-12 test prop 50mg ed

    13 Clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg days 2-11, 50mg days 12-21
    Nolvaldex, proviron , or arimidex /liquidex on hand for signs of gyno.

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    There is no place like ho
    Icon with that stack, that dude will be huge... that is alot of gear too..
    That sustanon should have made you big, did you eat right and train right? With that stack you should've been fine. Are you not telling us the whole truth? Did you get plenty of protein, eat alot of calories? Come on, you can tell us, we won't bash ya.. If I did a stack like that and ate right and train like I train, you would've seen me in the magazines.. heee ... Seriously, bro, there is something wrong, you should've seen better gains than that. I bet it was from not eating enough food and calories, remember when you are on gear, that doesn't mean you can cheat and not eat properly. I can't tellyou how many folks believe that. Some even think that being on gear they feel they don't need to work out hard, that is all BS if you want good gains.
    Give us some stats on your workout routine, be honest with us. We are all here to help bro, so don't be afraid to admit that you didn't eat right or slacked on your training we all tend tosometimes. But don't let it get you down, I see alot of guys that do gear, and their workout and diet sucks and they get discouraged cause they had such high expectations of gear. Doesn't work that way. Keep you head up and don't be afraid to ask some of the guys here, (including myself) for workout routines, and eatting habits. We will be glad to help ya, and see those gains go up. Hang in their bro.

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    I ate like a pig. I ate approximately 4000 + calories a day, and got plenty of protein. In a few weeks I put on 22 lbs of weight, so I know I was eating plenty. In fact I ate too much. As far as working out, I did everyday till failure. I did basic exercises with as much weight as possible. I am just beginning to think that it takes time, hard work and plenty of lifting. I think it is unreasonable for anyone to expect that they are going to put on 20+ lbs of muscle in 10 weeks. I think that is bullshit. I think you can easily put on 10lbs of muscle and 15 lbs of flab, but to put on 20+ lbs of solid muscle, not likely. Shit, if it was that easy everyone would be walking around huge.

    If I had put on 20lbs of muscle in ten weeks, I would be 215 lbs right now at about 10% bf. I would be looking really good, and in 2 or 3 more cycles I would be ready to compete. I don't think that it is that easy. I just think it is going to take more cycles, patience, good eating, and more lifting. I could be wrong though. I hear about people putting on 20-30lbs of muscle on the first cycle, I just haven't seen it. Maybe I am a slow gainer. It don't matter, I enjoy bb.
    Thanks guys,

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    Hmmm...something had to go wrong. Somewhere something wasnt done right. I disagree that is not realistic to expect 20lbs of solid lean mass, because i have seen it done and I guarantee what i saw was not FLAB, but not everyone responds the same.
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