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    Cycle Question - Anadrol 50

    For those of you who don't rememnber, I have been thinking about adding an oral the last 4 wks of my cycle. My bulking cycle will look like this:

    Wks1-12 Test Enanthate 600mg/wk
    Wks1-10 Deca 400mg/wk
    Wks1-4 D-bol 40mg ED

    I have been thinking about taking anavar for the great strength gains. But, I was wondering what you guys think about anadrol 50. Are the gains keepable at all? I know it is more about quantity than quality with this but if it is keepable it might be worth it. What about sides you guys have experienced with it. If not anadrol, what oral would you guys use? I have very very low bf so fat is not an issue right now. THANKS.

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    A50 gains would probably be more keepable at the start of a cycle than at the end, but thats just my thoughts. I'd go with the var bro

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