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    Stuff in my vial?!?!

    ok yesterday after my delt injection. i was looking at the vial and i see something floating in it. at first i thought it was on the outside of the vial but its definitely in there. WTF!!! it looks like 2 specs of pepper and i noticed a small fiber in it, could this possibly be pieces of the stopper from the "sterile vial"?? the fiber is not hair but looks like some type of synthetic fiber. has anyone ever ordered a "sterile vial" that had something in it? i know some of these places sterilize their own vials or they might not even be sterile to begin with. this just makes me wonder.
    I'm using homebrewed gear so i dont see how it could have come through the whatman filter. my real concern here is that im in my second week of my cycle and i dont want to have to end it early. i have had no problems with soreness or painful injections yet. i ordedered some .20 whatmans today and plan to refilter it when they arrive. What do you think i should do??

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    Its probably deff. the stopper. I dont think i would be too comfortable injecting fiber into my deep muscle tissue.

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    Run that sh*t through a filter.

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    I think its most likely rubber from the stopper as well.

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