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    AS/PH's and receptors

    Novice AS user, been off for a while and decided to play with some pro hormones. such as S1T (1 test and 4 andro), not bad results but you know..... so now that I'm ready for the real deal again I want to know if the prohormones are absorbed by the same receptors as AS. I assumed they were and have done my normal PC therapy to counter the build up of cortisol but was it necessary? So the real question is: how long should I wait until I start a real cycle? and why? Thanks

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    I don't belive in the AR burnout they up-regulate over time, time off should be used to control BP, AAS side effects, liver values ( if using orals) IMO so just run the real cycle now if you want IMO BTW some of those methyl-prohormones are REAL steriods .....FDA just missed them.........for now anyway.

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