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    i did my researched and could't find all the
    answers i need. on my 1 cycle i used primo 100mg
    for 5 weeks and i gained some nice cuts on my back and shoulders. i can get 2box for $10 each
    box has 2amps good deal right..
    what's it function? can it be use for mass and how
    i need? what about hairloss?
    if you guys can provide some info thank you..

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    Bro you should take at least 500mgs a week. And also you should stack it w/ something.
    What are your stat's? Age weight etc.....


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    LIZARD.. is offline New Member
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    Feb 2002
    i'll stack it with t200, EQ, sust250.
    5'8 162 35.
    by the way mbaraso can you tell me what is the
    EQ spanish name would you know?

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    In a cage near you...
    The Spaish name for EQ is boldenon...Why are you stacking sust, T200, and primoteston? They are all test and pretty much the same. You can mix if you'd like but it won't be any better than just choosing 1 type of test and running it... Try
    400mf EQ for 10 weeks
    600mg. test for 10 weeks
    30mg/dbol per day for the first 4 weeks
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    Feb 2002
    thanks ironfist for your translation,
    and your cycle sounds pretty good to me, i think
    i will try it bro.
    ironfist what can you tell about hairloss if i decide to use primo since is very cheap?
    and how much to take?

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