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    GBH's Spring Cycle...

    Alright, I have finally decided on my spring cycle. I am currently bridging with a tab a day of ** masteron , just because I had 50 of them with nothing better to do, so I started eating them like candy.... LOL

    Anyways, I plan on starting this cycle around the first of April. Tell me what you think, I am always open to suggestion.

    wks 1-10 500mg/w Test En.
    wks 1-10 560mg/w ** Test Susp Tabs (I have a bunch of these on hand and just figured I'd try em out)
    wks 1-10 400mg/w EQ
    wks 1-4 50mg/d Dbol
    wks 7-12 50mg/d Winny

    I have plenty of clomid for post-cycle. Also, I am on Humalog now, and will continue to be (I am a diagnosed diabetic) for the whole cycle. I usually do 15ius in the morning before breakfast and another 15ius post workout.

    I am trying to save up some money to throw some GH in there. I just don't know if I'll have enough money to add enough to even feel it. I would like to run 5-6ius 5 days on, 2 off for 3 months. But that is gonna cost quite a bit, even with the good hookup that I have for it.

    All comments and suggestions welcome! Come on guys, rip it apart!

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    I think your gonna be F'n huge
    As far as the bridge...I dunno bout that.
    I think you should take some milkthissle since your running Winny and D-bols in the same cycle.
    Keep us posted on your results when your done.
    Good Luck


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    Forgot to mention that I will be taking 1000mg Milk Thistle daily along with some cranberry extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid (for increased insulin sensitivity).

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    Actually, after giving it another look, I think I am going to up the EQ to 600-800mg/w.

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