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Thread: help me!

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    help me!

    Yeah I know this is the forum for steroids but I have to ask people that actually know about lifting! I am 18 ,6 foot tall and 165 lbs. It is very hard for me to gain any weight or even muscle for that matter. I need help. I know all the stuff about eating alot and protein intake, But what about training.

    I take:
    Protein weight gainer
    Trec creatine
    Multi- V

    Can some one please help me since everyone is telling me not to take steroids now, Ok im listining to your advice people now help me out please

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    Bro, glad you have agreed to stay off the juice...Only things you can do is to be patient(you are only 18) up your cals (5-6) meals a day with protein shakes between, and up your intensity in the gym.....remember diet is the key

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