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    Question about traps

    OK, this is not exactly a steroid question, but most of you guys hang out on this part of the board. What excercises do you guys do to get those killer traps? I think a good set of traps can totally change the way you look. How do you guys do it? Workout routine,sets,reps,weight,etc?

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    on the dip rack.
    traps/calves/forearms are muscles you have to hit with high intensity. after my back routine i just do 5 sets of barbell shrugs, i superset lighter weight with heaviear weight.going to failure on each i do like a set with 315 for shrugs, then i'll take off some weight real quick and do a lighter set of 225 till failure.
    gets em everytime.

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    yeah srugs and lat raises with heavie weight

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    If you could post in the appropriate forum - you would help the database search feature - this is for steroid questions only... too much of this sh!t lately...

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    Heavy deadlifts!!!!!! you need to do them anyways. If you do good Deadlift workouts, then shrugs dont even have to be done.

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