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Thread: hmmm help???

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    hmmm help???

    Heres a queation for you all out there a buddy of mine came up to me and asked me about roids(he knows i have knowledge on them)and he is 21 6'2 225lbs and 13%bf he just cut down from 280lbs and his goal is to get ripped so far he is lookin great but is still a little smooth so anyways this will be his 1st cycle and he want to get ripped and not have a whole lot of water retention, i know that a great base for any first cycle is test but i also know that it makes you retain a lot of water, i was think eq maybe i dont know somebody give me some feedback

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    well i know a few may not agree but i think he needs to put the gear off for atleat another year and just hit the cardio hard along with a clean diet.

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    21 isnt too young, as for test, test p and eq would work well, test prop retains little water

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    test prop has little if no water retention. A EQ cycle by itself would be a waste...

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