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    Arrow help with t3/clen cycle.......

    HI guys
    just finished my 4 weeks on russian d-bol only. Have put about 14 pounds, but looking a bit bloated and also put some fat on.
    Now i want do do about 4 weeks of t3/clen to burn the fat and perhaps get dome defenition. As i only weight 75 kilos and am a novice, would it be enough to start with 1 tab of 25mcg of t3 and 1 tam of 20mcg of clen a day for a few days and than up it one tab more every other few days. Asso do we take the t3/clen together or spaced during the day or afternoon? I read that we shopuldn`t take clen after 4pm.

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    well i wouldn't take t3 while you've just finished a "d-bol only cycle" your body is in a catabolic state, you need some clomid my friend, I would say go ahead and take some clen to help keep some of your gains, but clomid would be a good idea at this point as well, no t3 for atleast a month.

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