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    First cycles need advice.. :yellowcon

    I'm about to go on my first cycle im 21, and have just finished playing college football. I'm 5'11 250 and my body fats at about 23%. I feel I have a good base and have done much weight lifting though my college carrear. I plan on going on EQUIPOISE by itself, my goals are to cut weight and add muscle. Is this a reasonable steriod to go on in order to do this, I also want to keep the side effects low. Also what should I keep my calories at(I was thinking around 2,000 all high protein), and should I stack it with anything, ie winne or cemburtual, anit-estorgen. Finnaly I have hear of hungur pains... how bad are they? Good advice will be greatly appeariated. Thank you.

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    Lower your body fat through diet/cardio first. Then add Test to the EQ. Like 500mg Test/Weel and 400mg EQ/Week. Your goal on cycle is to gain muscle. 2000 calories is just too low, you'll be compromising gains. Shoot for 4k+ and 300g+ of protein. Thats some starting info, but you need to research alot.

    Try doing searches on the topics your curious about. Anything you can't find ask about. And the diet section has a great cutting diet posted at the top, check it out.


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    what exactly would the test and eq do together? Help you harden and lean at the same time?(with proper diet of course)

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    You will have to be a 'rare breed' to both put on muscle and loose fat at the same time. Can be done but highly unlikely! Watch your diet and do more cardio, once you've lost BF then consider AAS for muscle bulk

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