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    Deca Dbol Viromone Cycle

    I am looking to run this 1st Cycle so here are my stats, goals and stack. I would appreciate any further advice as to the suitability of this 1st cycle and any improvements.

    Stats: 82.3kgs (181lbs) 32in waist 6ft 1" 29yrs old.
    Training 3yrs, good muscle definition, lean.

    Goal: To increase size, weight, strength & definition.

    Food/Diet = 4000cal/day assisted with suppliments. Good mix protein, carbs, multi-vits.

    1-8 2amps deca /week
    1-8 35mg dbol /day
    9-10 1 amp deca/week
    9-10 2 amp viromone/week
    11-12 24 Clomid tabs over 12 days

    I have Nolvadex , Proviron and Milk Thistle also and am looking to take the Milk Thistle during dbol weeks (Quantity ??), Proviron taking with the Clomid (Quantity ??) and the Nolvadex (Quantity and duration ??)

    Your general comments and answers to any of the above will be well received. If you need any more info please ask. Thanks.

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    how many mg are the deca
    prop should be taken everyday or at least every other day

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    how many mg are the deca .
    prop should be taken everyday or at least every other day
    Same question and concerns as tripleplates. Surely they are Norma Hellas or Organon Europe, I presume, since you have access to Ferring GB Virormone.

    Furthermore, testaviron or sustanon should be incorporated from week 1 to 7, even if minor dosage (250-500wk). That way, when these testo. esters are exhausted from the bloodstream 2-3 weeks later, your short acting propionate (Virormone) will be "kicking in" week 9-10, to finish things off smoothly. Nice touch in finishing with propio!!!

    Deca/dbol stack speaks for itself, bro. Good combo. Consider limiting dbol intake for 6 weeks rather than eight, IMO. Recall that dbol's half life is short (ie easily manipulated) hence, upping to 40mg is fine if needed.

    Propionate needs 100mg EOD bro, thus 400mg week will be far more plausible and effective.



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