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    Question How can I reduce Lactic Acid and increase ATP?

    How can I reduce Lactic Acid and increase ATP? Are there any products out there that actually work? Apparently, Kynoselen and Hemo-15 assist with this.

    Any experiences/suggestions/recommendations?

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    doing cardio will actually recycle lactic acid and ue it in the Cori cycle. of course, some soreness is caused by micro-tears...just takes time

    i dont know about increasing ATP. i thought KYNOSELEN increase cyclic AMP, which takes part in the 2nd messenger system in somatic cells.

    you can use creatine monophosphate to flood your system with phosphate -- this helps substrate level phosphorylation to occur and phosphorylates ADP into ATP.

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    There are ATP supplements that are now out on the market. Since they are so new, I haven't seen any studies on them, so I don't know how reliable they are.

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    Have any of you guys actually tried Hemo-15? I was wondering if actually did anything since it seems like an injectible vit. supplement

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