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    SERMs and PCT in the 70s 80s

    I was around in the 70s and 80s and hung around with a lot of guys who juiced. I saw the results they were getting but also saw the sides of using too many orals and not using SERMS. They were always moon faced and bloated with bad acne. They also shrunk as fast as they blew up after cycle.
    The reason was that they did not know about SERMS and PCT. This aspect of steroid us had not been fullly discovered/developed at that point - at least in the 70s.

    So why in all the 1000s of pics of Arnold, Columbu, Zane, Ferrigno etc do you never see them bloated or moon faced ?

    Other than incrediblce muscularity - Arnold actually does not look like a typical juicer. I never saw him with a dystended roid gut or moon faces. Even in bulk phase pics he looked relatively fluid free and tight. Same for all the other major palyers like Robby Robinson, Bill grant and many more.

    Anyone have an explanation of how they avoided the bloat and sides that we use SERMs for ?

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    My guess would be HGH. Its the best carb eater and energy rejuvinator. It probably kept them in better condition. I do know that some years ago Arnold was on dialysis to kick his kidneys back in. I wouldn't put anything past them that they never suffered any side effects in the years.

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    HGH in the 70s and 80s? i didnt think it was used much then??

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    they got the hgh from human cadavers. and lyle alzedo admitted to using hgh through a lot his career. lyle said that a good majority of the nfl used hgh or the juice back then too.

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    HGH from human cadavers made people temporarily insane. It wasnt until it was made by labs that it was found on the black market. Also, Arnold just may have excellent genetics.

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    early 80's was when they started taking HGH out of human cadavers

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