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Thread: gyno question

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    gyno question

    I'm having gyno surgery in a couple of weeks and i've been told on this forum that once the mammary gland is cut out, you don't get gyno anymore. Is this the case with deca induced gyno? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but is there really only 1 type you can get but can be caused for different reasons i.e test converting to estrogen or deca induced gyno which was described in the vitamin b6 thread?

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    Bro I think if the mammory gland is gone, there will be no gyno from that point.IMO

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    So now you can save money on the nolva hahaha j/k

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    LOL! Nolva is spendy stuff too

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    Cheaper than surgery im sure lol

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    i am in australia too bro, how are you getting the surgery done, medicare, insurance, or straight out of your pocket. i have heard of a few guys getting it done on medicare and it costing only a few hundred out of their pockets.

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