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    hi guys,
    sorry 2 ask this type of question in here, but f#*%ing firewalls at work will not let me go into AR Lounge...

    how should i go about finding myself a gym partrer. All the guys with same interests as myself at the gym have partners already, i'm not really the chatty type when i go to work out so i dont really meet ppl there.

    my body has emproved a lot since i started this whole anabolic thing, but up to now i've accomplished everything by myself, and now i think that to be able to push myself further i'll need a hand, in return, i'll give a hand 2.

    i mean, how do u do a set to failiour if there is no one to keep the weight from fracturing your scull when failiour arrives?

    is there any notice board or database or advertising space or anything on this site that can help me?

    Thanx guys
    dBp from pretoria in south africa.

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    just make friends in the gym, you do not have to chat just ask for help and im sure someone will offer. in time you will have to return the favor and thats how it basically starts. in my case i just ask one of the trainers to give me a hand. they are more than helpful.

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    I don't like partners, they slwo me down and theyalways seem to be stuck in a one mind thinking when it comes to training..

    I just ask for spots when i need them..

    I have had someone who i go to the gym with everytime but we never did the same program so that was good..

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    [QUOTE=animal-inside]I don't like partners, they slwo me down and theyalways seem to be stuck in a one mind thinking when it comes to training..

    I just ask for spots when i need them.. QUOTE]

    I have the same problem. Just asking individuals in the gym for a spot is the best thing.

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    There always seems to be at least one guy that is always at the gym by himself, lifting hard, and looks semi or really-swole. Hell be the guy that looks around a few times when hes ready to do his set, then when the trainer is around or some guy walks by, he'll ask for a spot. Ask that guy for a spot, after he spots you tell him if needs a spot if he says yes then spot him. After that, drop a line like "Your always in here about the same time, sh** if you ever want someone to workout with, let me know. Its hard to find a dedicated partner." Be kinda like asking a chick out on a date, he could say yeah, or could be an Animal or Spoon and just say, "Ill let you know." Worth a shot.

    Worked for me until my partner ended up getting his MD and moved on to bigger and better things, gyms, and places.

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    i go to the gym with a friend of mine...because he gives me a lift there but in all honesty he's not the type of person i wanna train with,but i dunno anyone else :|

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