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Thread: t3 and clen

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    t3 and clen

    Me and several of my friends are taking clen and cytomel ....for some what reason..We don't really feel cytomel..just the clen.....anyone has any explanation?

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    I KNOW CLEN WILL SHUT DOWN THE PRODUCTION OF T4 in the liver WHICH IS CONVERTED TO T3 IN JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS.this the reason for taking taurine while running prevent the the clen may actually be cancelling out the t3(cytomel ).i have never used t3 but have run clen for and on ofcourse

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    You shouldn't be feeling anything from taking t3, the only thing you'll feel from t3 are symptoms of hyperthyroidism or thyroid storm if you were to go above 99.0 deg for a resting temp. the clen on the other hand you'll notice side right away, like shakes etc...clen has a habbit of robbing your body of taurine that's stored up in the liver, this can deplete the amount needed for the synthesis of t4. but since your taking t3 this isn't an issue anyways because your already shutting down your own endogeous production, the taurine will definately help with cramping etc...

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