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    Tren (Finaplix) --> Hair Loss and Stacking!

    I recently heard that Tren (Fina) is so good that it can be stacked by itself without any other compounds (with exception of test). So If I am planning on doing a cycle with Fina + Test + Winny, am I wasting my money using winny? Should I not do it then? Also, I reecently read that Fina causes hairloss that can not be counter attacked by Propecia. So what options do I have if I wanna keep my hair? Thanks!

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    winny is probably harder on the hair than fina. I am not sure on the second part of your question because fina is commonly linked to Deca as far as the inability to combat excess estrogenic side affects with nolvadex and or l-dex. That being said, they typically say not to run finasteride (propecia/proscar) with Deca or fina (tren ) but instead to get some B6 in there.

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