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    crossing border with nolva?

    Im going to cancun at the end of ny cycle...i figure ill take my last shot before i go so i will have 2 weeks before i start pct.(test500EW , deca400EW )actually im stoping the deca at wk 10.....but anyway

    Should i be worried about taking nolva with me to mexico?Maybe i should just go without it for 7 days?

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    No. From what I understand you can declare Nolva as a legal item purchased in MX. Someone correct me if I am wrong there, I haven't been acrossed the border since Ttytokyo was producing legit gear.............

    And if you choose to hide it and they find it, just tell them what it is, you won't be doing jail time since its not scheduled.....heck, I doubt you would pay a fine, but they might confiscate it.

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    better yet just buy a bottle at a pharmacia there. $28 for 100 @10mg's

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