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    Good Oral Cutting Stack

    I have been recomended a cutting stack for Cytomel and Clenbuterol . I have been told they help bring down BF% very well by stimulating the thyroid and with mild thermogenic effects while having little or no side effects... I want to get some info before buying and trying it.

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    have a read of Mallets posts on t3

    and the clen handbook

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    Cytomel doesn't stimulate the thyroid, it shuts it down. For some clen has mild effects, for others its the worst stimulant you could ever take.

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    i hate clen myself, however clen and t3 would help to cut fat, at the cost of the losing alot of muscle also, to much tsh would put the body in a catabolic state without aas.

    So yes use clen and t3 when u know enough about them, however make sure you only use t3 along with aas.

    Also its not something to be ****ed with, if you use it wrong, can have permanent negative effects, like gaining **** loads of fat in no time, feeling tired just for an example

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