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    First Cycle Gains and Losses

    I am currently doing research for a first cycle. From all the imformation I have collected, I am leaning towards a Test E (wk 1-10 500mg/week) and Dbol (Wk 1-4 20-30 mg/day) cycle. I have read many great results from this cycle, but what I haven't been able to find is Post Cycle results. Gains from the cycle may be up to 25lbs and a 20% increase in major lifts. What I would like to know is after the cycle what percentage of gains can one expect to keep? 25, 50, 75% of the Weight gains? 25, 50, 75% of the strength increases? Anyone with FIRST hand knowledge, please let us know what your overall gains and losses were after PCT. Thanks.

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    not sure as I am in the middle that cycle but keep the dbol at 30mg. I was running it at 20-25 for the first 5 days and it did hardly anything for me.

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    It could differ with every person. PCT is the crucial time... It's almost like your cycle was boot camp and PCT is the war... All your training during your 10 weeks will be basically getting you ready to go balls to the wall during PCT. It all boils down to how bad you want to keep it and how hard you are willing to work to keep it all.

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    On a test/Deca /D-bol, I put on 32 lbs, but only kept 12lbs after 6 months. That was still working out hard and was with proper PCT. I tonne was water weight and I cut my calories in PCT as I was feeling fat, HUGE mistake I think.

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    I would say that you can bet youll loose at least 10+. What ever else you keep will depend on what and how you take during and after PCT

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    at start of week 5 of sust .75cc E3D and am up 17lbs. got 7 weeks to go then pct so will see after that.

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