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    fina and water retention

    i heard there is hardly any water retention with fina at all i am also going to be taking test e. with the fina the test will be ran at 500mgs a wk and the fina will be ran at 50mgs ed. Will the fina low the amount of bloat the the test e. will cause. Pretty much what im wondering is l-dex and arimidex necesary in a cycle like this.

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    Well I am not 100% sure but i dont think the fina will stop estrogen convertion test e. So ya taking a nolvadex or hell i take proviron and that works great for me. You will retain less water but taking an anti e will help even more with the test e.

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    Get some b-6 too and only way to counter gyno from fina is Bromocriptine

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