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Thread: Clen Questions

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    Clen Questions

    I read last night in Anabolics 2000 that you can use clen off and on during a cycle to minimize water and fat gain, but everything else I've ever read and anyone I've talked to said to wait until after the cycle. Will using clen during a cycle hinder my gains?

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    not at all, it will help you make better gains, it keeps the water retention during a cycle low, and is a beta-2 blocker, meaning its anti-catabolic, you will be a muscle growing machine, further aided by the energy benefits of being able to breath like a healthy stallion (spiropent) hehe good luck

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    I'm doing that right now. I have to say that when I look in the mirror, I look a little leaner since I started on the clen . Might just be my imagination, but from now on I will always run soemthing like this on cycle. And yes, it's a bronchial dialator and makes it a little easier to breathe (feels kinda weird at first).

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