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    clen what dose on pump and is cytomel effective

    hey guys jus wanted to see what dosage of the clen pump should i be t aken and somone show me somtrhing of what u guys think my cycle will look like using 2 weeks clen n 2 week cytomel for about 11 weeks. also if anyone here has tried cytomel how was it. thanks preeetz

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    I don't think it's good to run those back to back like that. Do a search on "Mallet Thyroid Function" and "Mallet Thyoir PCT" and you should find the answer. And as far as the pump goes, some people trust it but I would never use it to measure my clen . Maybe something like Nolva or something but clen is easy to take too much since it's dosed in mcg's and usually around 200mcg/ml so a half ml difference is all the difference you need to cause serious trouble. Use a syringe to measure the clen out. Much more accurate.

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