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    cycle question

    Height:6'1 1/2
    Training: 5 years not to serious except the last 2 years then 5 days AW 2 hours a day
    Goals:with this one Bulk, down time then go to a hard core cutting cycle
    Diet:Not very good. will clean a bit and really clean house when I cut
    Cycle Ex.: this is my 8th cycle
    Last cycle Test 750mg AW, Tren EN. 750mg AW Dbol 50mg Ed at begging and Winstrol 50mg ED at the end.

    Weeks 1-6 Dbol 50mg ED
    Weeks 1-15 Test Enan 750mg EW
    weeks 1-14 Tren En. 600mg EW
    Weeks 1-14 Deca 400mg
    Weeks 1-16 Novaldex 10 to 20 mg ED depending on how the test reacts.
    Weeks 17-18 Noladex 20 Durring PCT ED
    Weeks 1-18 B-6 400mg or 600mg ED
    Weeks 17-18 Clomid 300/100/50
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    if your body fat is low masteron will make you hard as hell. i personally love it but its for cutting and it looks like your trying to bulk.

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    Yes bulking but I was thinking about masteron and the tren together would be good for LBM that I would keep at teh end of the cycle. But I'm not sure about how that whould work

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    I have a homebrew I made up a few weeks ago consisting of 100mg test prop, 50mg tren and 50mg masteron all in 1ml of oil. Pain isin't bad at all. I have yet to fun it though as I decided to go with a bulker since summer is rapidly comming to a close where I live. This will be my cutting cycle with the addition of some anavar , I might throw some eq in the mix as well.

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    ok not doing the masteron . I want bulk, but what if I went from 750mg EW of test to 1g EW. I am prone to tren dick. last cycle was test en 750mg EW and tren en 600mg EW. and the captain would not stand at attention. That is why I am wondering if 1g would help me out. Or is it just trial and error. With the cycle listed above.

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