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    question for heavy users

    Hey, I am a month into my pct. I love being "on" so much that I dont kno if I can wait another month or 2. All you bros out there that start your next cycle right after pct, hows it work for you? do you still see big gains?

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    rule of thumb bro... time on = time off. some might not like that. but u need to give your receptors time to recover. and if u "cant" wait make sure to get some provirion to upregulate receptors

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    unfortunatly u should take time off by rule although i stay on for a long time but everyone to their own

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    Asking for problems in my opinion..From a medical standpoint is a terrible idea, although many do it..It sounds like you have an addiction brewing and now would be a good time to get a handle on it before it rules your life..Anyway, enough with the Dr. Phil..You really need to take time off in between cycles to be sure you are fully recovered..

    And how old are you?? According to your profile, you are 71 yrs old??

    Doc M

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