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    TEST E ICN vs QV vs Supplier

    I have a rather difficult decision to make and was interested in other peoples opinion.

    I have used a trusted source before with QV EQ and it worked great and he can supply QV test enth as well.

    I have another source recomended to me by a very well known subscription based web site that reveals some trusted sources for a price. He has supplied me with Winny 50mg pills before and they were good I think (IIPH)
    Source claims he lives a few miles away from ICN factory and that goods are guarenteed to be top notch and that bad batch on ICN is impossible as all batches are tested in an internal lab before packaging and he knows this as his family works there. ICN is the only test Enth he sells and he does seem legit and offers full money back guarentee, well both guys do and I have had delivery from both before.My only concern is that there have been some bad batches reported on ICN and none on QV even though ICN is better test Enth.

    So QV or ICN Galenika?

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    ICN galenika IMO

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    ICN for sure

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    although there have been a few bad reports of ICN's lately in which a few batches was severely underdosed so i dunno which id go for on this one

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