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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    I am looking for some experienced advice. This might seem a little crazy to some of you – but I think others will understand. I was an all-state football player in high school and had opportunities to play at some DI and DII schools but due to injuries and family issues wasn’t able to. I am 30 yrs old and will be returning to grad school – and am going to play for a small DII school – realistically some special teams etc..

    I am 5’-10” 200lbs around 12% bf. My bench was at 300lbs and I took a beginner stack of sust. 250 and winny two years ago and picked up about 15lbs of strength 8-10 pounds of mass. Then one yr ago I took a beginner stack of deca and sust 250 – with results about the same. Currently I am benching 365 and squatting 420. I would rally like to get to the 400 and 500 mark (not sure how realistic that is) and weigh between 205 and 215– but I need the fast twitch muscles working and need to keep/gain speed. This is for 2005 season.

    Any stack suggestions would be appreciated.

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    bump...good agility cycle?

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