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    ready to start back up?

    Ok, i did a 15 week cycle, of test prop and deca , i have been off for 5 weeks, and i did 3 weeks of PCT (clomid). The first 3 weeks, i had nooooo sex drive at all, the first time in my life i wasnt thinking about sex every second. I was a lil worried, but now in the end of the 4th week, sex drive is back, not as much as it was durring my cycle but about the same as before i cycled. So what im saying is that judging by my sex drive, would it be safe to say that my levels are back to normal and i have recuperated from the cycle? And if so when should i start my next cycle?

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    stay off for at least the time you were on minimum...15 weeks

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    The general rule is time on=time off. You haven't even been off for half the time you were on. I'd wait at least 7 more weeks.

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