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Thread: Side effects

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    Side effects

    Im on my 8th week of deca 200mg and my 3rd week of tes e 500mg...Im 20 years old and here in the past couple of weeks i have been really horney I waht to f**k every goodlooking women I see and not only do i want to have sex with them i wand a girlfriend i mean my emotions right now for a girlfriend are so bad its scary I mean all day long i think about nothing but getting a girlfriend...(before the juice, yeah i was horney but now like this all i want to do all day long is get some poon is this normal and i am getting real pissed of and angry that i cant get a girlfriend are these emotions normal

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    wow, that's one loooong sentence.

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    Yes test will do that to you, you will need a girlfriend and a cycle whore to calm the wood.

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    once ur test kicks in ur gonna wanna f*** the ugly ones too!

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    so get a girlfriend..when you go to meet one, try not to ramble or act like your emotionally weird or a hothead;that'll turn all the pretty ones off be cool and don't act like your desperate..
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    dude just watch porn 24/'ll help. TRUST ME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by edmen2
    once ur test kicks in ur gonna wanna f*** the ugly ones too!
    and don't forget the fat ones!! when all else fails, fuk a fat chick : :spudniksw

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