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Thread: Liquid Anavar??

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    Liquid Anavar??

    One of my buddies has been getting gear from a guy for over a year now and I asked him to check on some var for me. He calls me back and says he can get a "bottle" of var for 215 but I gotta buy like 3 or 4 to do a cycle. Now the kicker is, I asked how many tabs, what size, and etc. This is when he told me it was liquid and he(my buddy) didn't think it was oral. Now I have never done a cycle but have been around long enough to know alil and I have never heard of a liquid anavar that you inject.

    Your thoughts??

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    i wouldnt inject liquid anavar .

    oral only

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    liquid anavar you drink mate

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    he bought anavar in powder form and suspended it into a liquid

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