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    What is a Sticky ?

    Bro's I am not sure which forum to ask this question so I will ask it here. I hear mention of "Stickies" all the time but I cant seem to find them, where are they kept ?

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    Bro, stickies are the permanent threads at the top of the forum, in every forum. All VERY good info!!!!

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    the guy in your pic is brucepatterson...he works out in halifax nova scotia...i happen to as well..just thought id say that /c hes a ****ing beast big...i heard he lost a lot of weight b/c he lost his connections but who knows...just thought i would say that he is as huge as he appears in the picture lol

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    a sticky is kept at the top of the thread list is all the forums. Its pretty much a thread that has some sort of basic knoweldge that everyone needs to know.....i.e. how to cut and how to bulk diets, etc......very good info. They are there so ppl read them, take in the knowledge, and dont have to clog up the board with questions that get asked a million times

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