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    Question Deca and Gastrointestinal Problems

    Ok. For the record, there are two guys that use this logon to post messages. Both of us are interested in using Deca and have posted questions. Now on to my next question.

    Has anyone heard of Deca causing gastrointestinal stress or problems in the bowel. I know this is a wierd question but I am trying to cover all my basis and I have not found anything on the net reagarding this issue which would lead me to believe there are no cases as such. Thanks for the help and advice!

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    As to my experience Deca does not cause any stomach problems what so ever. Are you experiencing anything now?
    Only problems I have had is when I bought cheap protien with no digestive enzymes and I got farty and bloated!

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    i have never heard that about deca either. I have also used it twice and never had a problem with it....good luck

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    I have suffered from IBS, and deca didn't make it any better or worse while on the cycle.

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