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    adding fina, couple questions.

    Doing 500mg test e for 13 weeks, in week 9 currently, want to add fina in here at the end for some bf% drop and some hardness. Test is great but I ate alot and I feel I gained lots of strength and lots of mass(lots of fat too ). The fina is 152mg/cc concentration, hurts like hell. My bro shoots one cc every 3rd day. I have never used fina, should I go one cc every 3rd day? or more like 1/2cc every 2 days. Really close in comparsion but I don't want fina to bite too hard(as I've seen it do with fellow friends thinking they are god). So total use would be roughly 300mg/per week or 225mg(with the 1/2cc every 2nd day idea). 6'2 245lbs 18%. Any help is appreciated. Btw, my diet is dead on here in the last few weeks with lower carbs, more protein. Currently started an ECY stack also at week 9 and it is working well. Don't wanna get bigger, just want my 19" arms to look as good as smaller guys with 16's that are more defined.

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    your best best is to shoot 1/2cc ED. about 70mg/ED. fina can be shot ED or EOD but based on personal experience and lots of my friends experiences ED is much bettter. i had less modds swings and when i shot it ED

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