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    Lightbulb Good or Bad idea?

    Im currently on my first cycle (just started week 6)
    1-12 500mg teste
    1-4 dbol 37.5mg
    10mg nolav ed

    But I was wondering I have more the enough teste and nolva that I could extend my cycle another 4 or 6 weeks. I Just didnt know if this was a good or bad idea. And another thing I was wondering about. I was thinking the two weeks between my last teste shot, and pct, I have enough dbol to run for those 2 weeks, didnt know if this would be good or bad. I appreciate any feedback, thanks for the help


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    I wouldn't extend it this time. Run it the 12 weels, do your PCT, then when you're ready for another cycle plan it a bit longer. I'd say no on the dbol at the end. Running an oral or fast acting injectable like test prop is to help line up PCT correctly, and usually people will run winstrol at the end of the cycle at about 50mg for 5 weeks (ending two weeks after you last enth shot). Oh, I feel I should mention that I would go with prop just for the fact that I don't like running two orals in a cycle. Just my .02, though.

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