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    what time of day is best???please help

    just got my clomid and clenbuterol

    when is the best time of the day to take them?

    i was thinking the clomid the very sec i woke up at

    300 first day followed by 100 ed for an extended cycle ( was on for 6 months)

    and then clen the sec i woke as well, but when i increase the dose, do i take them throughout the day? or all in 1 shot

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    umm dont shoot clen ... you gotta drink it. You can split the dose once you get higher to avoid some nasty sides from swammping the system all at once. Id take it in the morning when you woke and maybe again around lunch time. I wouldn;ttake it much later then 3 in the afternoon though or you might be up all night.

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