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Thread: Test Question

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    Test Question

    Getting ready to try first cycle. I have good size but I am attemtping to go full on and get huuuuge.... hopefully. Was lookind at BD's Testen-100 to stack with the D-Bol.

    Yeah or Nay guys???

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    test 100 ???
    Thats a pointless cycle!
    Jump on some test 200 with dbol
    run the test 10 weeks and dbol 4!!
    u'll see good gains!

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    i belive the testin 100 is propwhich means you will have to shoot everyday. forget about that and get some test-enth or cyp. i belive bd makes enth anyway. then you can take 2 shots a week instead of 7. you can shoot between 500-750mgs a week split up and shot twice a week. also id run between 30 and 45mgs of d-bol a day for 5-6 weeks. the test you can run for 10 to 14 weeks depending on how long you want to be on. or you could use deca with the test. those 2 gives me great gains and i gain a unbelivable amount of mass. you can go for about 300 to 500 mgs of deca a week.

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    Nope Pietro75... Testen-100 is enathate but I'd trade up to a enathate with 200 or 250mg/1ml to keep the injections down a bit. Some people like to be called a pin cushion but most people don't
    Run 400-500mg test/week and frontload 4 weeks with 40mg dbol ED.

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